Friday October 20, 2017

Home Buying Help

Guide to Rate Locks

Locking your interest rate gives you the best chance of receiving what you spent all that time shopping for.

Generally, the terms you are quoted when shopping among lenders represent the terms available to borrowers who are closing their loans immediately.

The quoted terms you receive may not be the terms available to you at closing; weeks or even months later.

Loan Application Checklist

This is a complete list of documents many lenders/loan officers will require in order to process your mortgage loan application.

Personal Information

  1. Addresses for all residences covering the last 2 years for both Borrower and Co-Borrower (include landlord name and address/phone number if applicable).
  2. Addresses for all employers covering the last 2 years for both Borrower and Co-Borrower.
  3. Photo ID and proof of Social Security number
  4. If you are not an American citizen, a copy of the front and back of your Green Card
  5. If applicable, a copy of your divorce decree