Monday May 22, 2017

Trusting Your Loan Officer

Should I trust my loan officer when he's done a good job for me in the past?

When you start feeling like your mortgage professional is your best friend, you need to be very careful.

One of the first things a good salesperson will do is pick up on something you enjoy doing or discussing, once he can get you talking about it you'll feel more comfortable and thus more trusting.

Trust should be something you give your loan officer after years of him proving he has your best interest at heart and even then you should question anything that doesn't sound right.

If you're sitting down with the loan officer and start thinking "10 minutes" ago I was going to continue shopping for my mortgage and now all of the sudden I'm signing my life away,  "What the heck just happened!"

When this happens, politely excuse yourself, go home and give yourself the night to think it over.  That great offer they made should still be there in the morning. 

The pushy salesmen are easy to walk away from, it's the ones that make you feel comfortable you need to watch out for.

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